Drive, Repair, or Perform your way into a great career with the team at Dominion Carriers! We are currently hiring drivers, mechanics and for professional roles.


As a Full Truckload Broker, Dominion Carriers understands the need for cost-efficiency and streamlined operations. We will find and coordinate carriers for your shipments, large and small, saving you time and money.


We are an asset-based company that owns a fleet of tractors and trailers that are equipped with advanced safety and technology features.

Trailers are customized to customers’ product requirements in order to ensure a damage-free transportation.


We provide the presence of our experts in customer facilities, which helps customers solve all supply chain needs through customized solutions. Each dispatcher and project manager is certified by the Project Management Institute and help manage the execution of day-to-day operation, such as returnable container dunnage operations.


Technology plays a role in delivering our top-notch distribution services. We utilize wire-guided forklifts, eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cells, integrated warehouse management software, best-in-class interface development standards and transaction sets, customizable performance reporting, and RF based process controls.


We operate several warehouses throughout the U.S., managing the distribution of products in a “just-in-time” fashion for our customers. Our solutions range from SKU velocity traced storage to kitting/consolidating to light assembly and more, depending on the needs of our customers and their supply chain goals.







Dominion Carriers Co, strives to develop and implement innovative supply chain solutions, that improves the customer’s competitive position and exceeds their expectations.

We are a supply-chain service solutions company that has provided superior transportation and logistics services to our customers for almost twenty years. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as an industry leader has enabled us to successfully grow into an end-to-end supply-chain service provider to meet the needs of any company.

Our values and work ethic speaks for itself. It is a testament to our professional, customer-focused approach to delivering world-class service to world-class companies.


For large shipments through the entire United States, Canada or Mexico, Dominion Carriers provides Full Truckload services. As a Full Truckload Broker, we are able to assess your business’ individual needs and match you with a Truckload Carrier that can accommodate your shipment and deadline in the most cost-efficient way possible.


At Dominion, we hire drivers who are dedicated solely to your account. In doing this, our drivers learn your needs and expectations inside and out. This ensures your freight is always where it needs to be and there for before you need it. 

Whether you have specialized freight, heavy equipment, or general home goods, you can trust that you're in good hands with our skillled, safety-focused drivers. 


Our direct loading program means that your LTL freight will not be transferred once, twice or even three additional times at a breakbulk facility en-route to your final destination.

We load trailers from our nationwide facilities and deliver directly to your customer's dock without ever touching the freight en-route. This translates directly to fewer freight claims, faster transit times and more satisfied customers.


No matter how large your operation is or how much freight you need shipped, we have the solutions for you. Utilize our LTL services for freight weighing 100 to 10,000 lbs.,

Expedited Transportation for urgent deliveries, or Just-in-Time Delivery to help cut costs and increase efficiency.

  • Straight Trucks
  • Flatbeds
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Refrigerated Units
  • Roller Beds
  • Step Decks


Our team of highly skilled, safety-focused drivers are the definition of highway royalty.