Dominion Carriers operates under the concept of receiving raw materials, products and parts as they are needed, rather than days or even weeks before. This allows businesses to significantly cut inventory costs by having fewer unnecessary supplies on hand and far less material to store.

As effective as Dominion Carriers is, it can be difficult to coordinate large amounts of shipments efficiently, especially when dealing with shipments that vary in size and destination. Our team of experts and superior customer service can coordinate your shipments for you; freeing you up to focus on what’s important – your business’ bottom line.


From domestic shipments to transnational freight, large or small, we will provide you with prompt delivery and superior customer service. To ensure maximum efficiency and intelligence, we also provide tracking services to ensure you’re never in the dark regarding the location and ETA of your shipment.

To ensure you receive the most efficient service possible, Dominion Carriers utilizes a wide range of transportation options, from sprinter and cargo vans for small, short haul deliveries, to flatbeds, tractor trailers and cargo planes for large or long haul deliveries. No matter how far your destination or the size of the shipment, Dominino Carriers will match you with a carrier to accommodate your needs.


Dominion Carriers is headquartered out of a 40,000 square foot warehouse and distribution facility in Louisville, KY, with multiple facilities throughout the United States.

Dominion Carriers can securely store and distribute your critical products while providing you with peace of mind and a reliable resource for storage, distribution, and transportation logistics. Our state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facility is food and pharmaceutical grade, so your items are professionally managed and handled with care at all times.